Trip List

02 December 2017  Kepler Challenge / Luxmore Grunt  Kepler Track, Kepler Mountains  Grade VF  (confirmed entry only)

Mountain running race

09-10 December 2017  Acheron Lakes, Livingstone Mountains  Grade M-F

Weekend tramp, contact Alina Suchanski

14 or 15 January 2018  Beers Farm Track, Kepler Mountains  Grade M

Day tramp, contact Viv Shaw

20-21 January 2018  Boyd Creek Lodge, Countess Range  Grade E

Weekend family walking, contact Jacky Holmes

27-28 January 2018  Whitestone River - Mount Cerberus, Livingstone Mountains  Grade F

Weekend tramp, contact Nigel Lee

03-06 February 2018 Waitangi Day weekend  Lake Wilson / North Col / Rock Burn  Humboldt Mountains  Grade M-F

Long weekend tramp, contact Liz Scott

10-11 February 2018  McPherson cirque & Gertrude Valley  Darran Mountains  Grade E-M

Weekend predator trap checking, contact Alina Suchanski

17-18 February 2018  Mistake Creek / U-Pass / Hut Creek  Earl Mountains  Grade M

Weekend tramp, contact Stephen Martin

03-04 March 2018  Bullendale & Dynamo Tracks  Skippers Creek (Otago)  Grade E-M

Weekend tramp with historical interest, contact Jude Collett, Wakatipu Tramping Club

17-18 March 2018  Queenstown Trail  Grade E-M

Weekend trail cycling, contact Cathy Lewsley

30 March-02 April 2018 Easter Weekend  Makarora (Otago)  Mixed Grades

Long weekend tramps, contact Christine Pounsford

07-08 April 2018  Sunny Creek  Ailsa Mountains  Grade M-F

Weekend tramp, contact Lynley King

21 April  2018  Hidden Lakes  Lake Te Anau  Grade E

Day kayak and walk, contact Cathy Lewsley

05 May 2018  Mansion Hut  Irthing Stream  Eyre Mountains  Grade E

Day tramp, contact Robynne Peacock

19-20 May 2018  Hidden Falls Hut  Hollyford Track  Grade E

Weekend tramp, contact Fay Edwards

02-04 June 2018  Queens Birthday Weekend  Kinloch  Lake Wakatipu  Mixed Grades

Long weekend cycling, kayaking and walking, contact Alina Suchanski

16-17 June 2018  Deep Cove  Doubtful Sound  Mixed Grades

Weekend cycling and walking, contact Bev Thorne

30 June-01 July 2018  Luxmore Hut  Kepler Track  Kepler Mountains  Grade M

Full Moon overnight tramp, contact Bev Thorne